About "Craftsmanship and Artist Techniques"

When it comes to the various forms of design skill and technique employed in the production of film, game or other content, the moderators believe that, precisely because production is both a group endeavor and an amalgamation of information technology and the techniques of artists high in artisanal skill, just as the development of the individuality of each artist is important, so will mutual encouragement to improve skill and close communication also come to be important areas.
This seminar is merely a single, typical film production seminar, but we hope to conduct it with a focus on the actual techniques of highly creative artists, with an awareness of production workflow, and featuring topics we feel to be important, in the sense of deepening understanding of the possibilities of those methods or their limitations.
Through discussions at the seminar, we look forward to seeing each artist seek and develop methods of their own, as well as continuing reevaluation of the workflow of productions undertaken as a group efforts.