About "Film Production Pipelines and Artist Techniques"

The design of an image production pipeline, and of infrastructure to support this, is a field which incorporates the unique characteristics of that studio and which develops in a diverse fashion. Also, this seminar is merely one of many seminars on the general production of images, and the two companies moderating it do not necessary possess high levels of IT skill.

Even so, we recognize the fact that the development of image production pipelines contributes to the richness and the development of each studio's individuality, and, by continuing to hold seminars that focus on topics that we ourselves find to be of importance, hope to be able to develop a production style rich in individuality and methods of expression, and to enable artists working on the production site to develop uniquely.

Although this seminar series is mainly run by two companies, it has been developed with the support of a large number of studios since the series was implemented. While we shall continue to focus on creating a forum for deep discussion among a small number of participants on future issue, we plan to continue to hold seminars under a variety of plans, albeit irregularly.