Film Production Pipelines and Artist Techniques 7

The topics of discussion this time will pertain to drawing techniques for 2D backdrops in cel-look CG animation, and the possibilities for procedural processing in this.

At this seminar, the moderators will provide a digest-like commentary looking back on this "Film Production Pipeline and Artists Techniques" series from our first meeting to the present. Then, using the Go language as an example, we shall begin with an introductory explanation of the fundamentals of procedural image processing engine architecture and of computational clusters for processing the same. Then, taking developments in fields such as machine learning into view, we shall conduct an introductory technical explanation of artificially generated image production and automation, as well as system-related issues regarding artist interactivity.

Following on from this, we shall feature issues related to the stages of production at studios which currently work with cel look or anime-style depictions and, guided by the moderators, should like to take up issues related to things like CG animation production environments for large-scale production.

We have decided to focus at present on the topics above when conducting this seminar because our goal is to make this seminar one which, relatively speaking, does not demand much basic knowledge of IT infrastructure, and which will be suitable for studios of a certain scale that are considering future innovation in cel look CG pipelines, engineers at these studios, or artists or other persons representing the studios.

We look forward to this seminar becoming an opportunity to push forward pipeline innovation that incorporates infrastructure architecture at a large number of studios.

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30 Sep 2018 (Sun.) 10:30-18:00
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Polygon Pictures Inc.
1F Daiwa Azabu Terrace, 3-20-1 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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As our goal is to hold intricate debates to form the basis for deep discussions of future developments, we are conducting this seminar on an invitational basis, whereby the moderators will make requests for participation and requests for attendance will be sent directly to participants.

Matte painting, Cloud infrastructure, distributed task processing, asset management systems, progress management systems, automatic report generation, patent check systems, system restoration in emergencies and clarification of system for rebuilding, etc.

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