Craftsmanship and Artist Techniques 20190202

The topics this time will be game engines as seen from the pre-production phase of film production, and the differences between pipelines in film production and the game development field. In the "Film Production Pipelines and Artist Techniques" series up to now, we have been fortunate to have a large number of participants from the game field. In terms of knowledge acquired from the seminars, I believe we have been able to debate such things as the mutual linkage of knowledge between film and games, the reevaluation of one's own field as a result of looking into differing fields, a mutual understanding of the differences in requirements to workflow, pipelines, and the infrastructure which supports them, and various kinds of expandability and mutual differences in foundations.
However, for the majority of those dimensions, development is conducted in alignment with artist culture within the studio and with the work being produced, so that we have seen the introduction of various forms of things in which the studio's artisanship or culture has been taken into consideration.

This time, therefore, as we newly develop the "Craftsmanship and Artist Techniques" series, into which have been incorporated elements of "Film Production Pipelines and Artist Techniques", we should like to focus on difference in stance between studios or the way in which each studio handles questions such as how the various forms of real-time calculation can be incorporated into the pre-production phase of film production, or how the film production paradigm built upon high-load calculation can be developed within the game development field, and to focus on the possibilities of this, as we also look back on much of the discussion held at prior seminars.

At this seminar, so that we can hold discussions that synthesize the various sorts of knowledge that prior seminars have focused on, we shall proceed with planning on the assumption of a large number of topics pertaining to the server side, but rather than limiting ourselves to this, we should like to take up a variety of topics related to real-time processing and batch processing at each studio.

■Event Information
●Date and time:
2 Feb 2019 (Sat.) 13:00-19:00
(However, there may be minor changes.)

*A socializing event is planned starting from 19:30 on 2 Feb.
You are warmly invited to participate.

●Venue and details:
Kobe University.

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Polygon Pictures Inc. Studio Phones

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●Intended audience:
Developers and technical staff working on in-house pipelines intended for a certain scale in terms of number of artists (roughly ten or more artists).

Game Engine, Realtime Rendering and Simulation, Cloud infrastructure, Cloud gaming, Cloud graphics, CAD and BIM in construction, distributed task processing, asset management systems, progress management systems, automatic report generation, patent check systems, system restoration in emergencies and clarification of system for rebuilding, etc.

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