Craftsmanship and Artist Techniques Special 20221001

This topic is a review of past meetings following the promotion of remote work in the wake of the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus. Many of the past meetings have focused on video production pipelines and workflows in both private and public clouds. These topics are considered to have become common issues for many studios, not only video production studios, since the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus, and we believe that we have received a lot of information from the press. Therefore, we would like to feature how things have changed, referring to efforts in industries other than video production.

As a subtopic, we would like to feature the media mix and the image production pipeline that supports it, with a focus on subjects such as anime adaptations of comics. In particular, we would like to talk about the challenges that lie ahead as we move toward a future of cultural fusion, with an awareness of not only Japanese manga culture, but also Western cartoon and other animated productions.

This seminar series has been closed in the past meetings, but will be held as a special edition. For more information, please see our history page.

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1 Oct 2022 (Sat.) 10:00-18:30
(However, there may be minor changes.)

●Venue and details:
Polygon Pictures Meeting Room
*We will consider switching online depending on the COVID situation

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Cel-look, Bacground Paining(Bijyutsu), Realtime Processing and Batch Processing, Asset management and assemble, MPAA, Server-side procedural, private and public cloud infrastructure, etc.

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